Exam4Fun is a tool that can help you in studying new language or vocabulary using a flash card, multiple choice or quiz type approach. It was designed to be flexible and fit to different kind of exam.

Main screen

It allows you to customize how you will take the exam. You can set the number of questions to appear, how long the exam should take and question ordering. In multiple choice exam, you can set the number of choices and whether to allow multiple correct answers to display in exam. This tool also provides Exam Viewer and Search Word function.

Exam4Fun allows you to create your own exam data using Exam Editor. You can group exams by topics and create as many word type or language as you want. For example, you want to learn both Japanese and Chinese, for each vocabulary word you can specify the Japanese and Chinese word by creating English word type, Japanese word type and Chinese word type. Exam editor also allows you to specify wrong answers that will be used in multiple choice exam. It is fine if you don’t specify wrong answers, this tool can automatically generate wrong choices using the words you have added.

You can use Exam4Fun in Linux, Windows or MacOS as long as there is Java 5 or higher installed.

You can download the latest version here