Exam4Fun Features

Exam4Fun have many features that can help you in memorizing vocabulary and learn new language. This page will show you all the features of Exam4Fun.

Exam Types

Exam4Fun have 4 exam types. Identification, Flashcard, Multiple choice or Print out exam. Each exam type have their own configuration. It allow you to set maximum number of question, set time limit, set question ordering. Below will discuss each exam type.

Identification Exam

Identification exam
In Identification exam, you need to spell out the correct answer. Using this exam type, you can make sure that you know how to read and spell the word. The configurations for this exam type are Limit question count, Randomize question order and Set time limit.

Flashcard Exam

Flashcard exam
Flashcard exam is very effective in learning and remembering new material quickly. In Flashcard exam, you don't need to type anything. Correct answer will be displayed automatically when the timer times out. If your answer is correct you click the check image otherwise click the red x image. It also have 3 shortcut keys to show correct answer, mark your answer as correct or wrong. Press 's' to show the correct answer, press 'c' if your answer is correct and 'x' if your answer is wrong.

Like Identification exam you can configure Flashcard exam as well. Flashcard exam provides additional configurations like Option to show answer automatically after an interval and Option to move to next question automatically after an interval.

Multiple Choice Exam

Multiple choice
In multiple choice exam, it allows you to select the best possible answer(s) out of the choices from a list. This type of exam does not requires you to spell out the word and gives you clue for the correct answer.

Like Identification exam you can configure Multiple choice exam as well. Multiple choice exam provides additional configurations like Allow more than one correct answer, Allow program to generate choices, Generate choices from same topic and Limit exam choices.

When Allow more than one correct answer was checked, some question might have multiple correct answer, you need to select all the correct answers to get a point.

When Allow program to generate choices was checked, it will use existing exam data to generate choices. If it was unchecked, only questions that have wrong choices will be asked in the exam. The option Generate choices from the same topic lets the program to generate wrong choices that are more related to the question so that it will not be obvious that the choices are wrong answer.

Printout Exam

Printout exam
Printout exam allows you to print out the exam questions and take exam without using the program. If you are a teacher you can use this exam type to generate and printout the exam questions for your student to take. If you have basic HTML knowledge, you can customize the layout of the questionnaire. You can also save the layout as template so you can use it next time.

While taking the exam, Identification, Flashcard and Multiple choice exam type allows you to display summary result of your exam. This summary window shows you what question you answered incorrectly and you have the option to retake wrong answers only.

Search Word

Search word allows you to look up the word in the exam data. You have the option to filter the result by selecting what Type/Language, what topic, match case and match whole word.

Exam Editor

Exam editor allows you to create your own exam and modify existing exam.