Getting Started

After you have downloaded Exam4Fun, this page shows you how to get started. Since Exam4Fun was written in Java, you need to have Java 5 or higher installed before you can continue. You can download the latest Java version here.

Now that you have downloaded and installed Java, you can start Exam4Fun by double clicking the Exam4Fun.jar file. If the program does not open, it means that you need to start the program using command line. To do this

  1. Go Start Menu and open Command Prompt (type cmd in Start -> Run)
  2. In command prompt, go to the directory where Exam4Fun was extracted
  3. Type this in command 'java -jar Exam4Fun.jar'

When the program start to run, you need to choose the exam data to load. There is a sample data provided or you can download the Nihongo lessons exam data here.

When exam data was successfully loaded, you will see a list of topics on the left. Select the topics you want to appear in exam then click the right arrow.

After selecting topics, you have to select the question type, answer type and exam type.

Main screen

The screenshot above shows you that Nihongo lessons exam data was loaded, topics were not yet selected and Identification exam type was selected. Questions are asked in English and you need to answer it in Hiragana or Katakana.

You can change the configuration of each exam type by clicking the Configure button. After everything is ready you can click Start! to start the exam.